MusicBox made in SUWA,Japan

Music Box Maintenance Tool Set

Music Box Maintenance Tool Set
Music Box Maintenance Tool Set Music Box Maintenance Tool Set

Tools and auxiliary materials necessary for maintaining music boxes are stored in this compact carrying case.

Aim of Product Development

In order to stress our status as a musical box production area, not just products with musical boxes and accessories, we aim to make professional specification products for makers and buffs through including the tools actually used in manufacturing, repairing and adjusting the music boxes.

Evaluation and Future Issues

In the same way as making better music box machines and products, our challenge is to develop tool sets that are easier to use and have greater functional beauty.

W:370mm D:220mm H:80mm
Net weight


  1. Resonance box(corresponding to 18N to 72N)
  2. Electrician's screwdriver (+/-)
  3. Precision screwdrivers (various sizes)
  4. Set of 6 precision files
  5. Longnose pliers
  6. Nipper
  7. Hexagon wrench
  8. Measure
  9. Scale
  10. Cutter
  11. Adhesive tape (various)
  12. Adhesion bond (various)
  13. Grease, oil (various)
  14. Loupe
  15. Cotton work gloves
  16. Various screws
  17. Various sandpapers
  18. Magnet
  19. Carrying case(Steel)

We are currently considering changing or adding the tools to be stored in the future.